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December 10th, 2017    

Episode 106: Disney buys Fox? / Bad Trailers, Bad Posters / Official PLP Last Jedi Predictions


December 3rd, 2017    

Episode 105: Star Wars The Last Jedi Preview / Avengers Infinity War Trailer!!


November 26th, 2017    

Episode 104: Justice League (no spoilers) / Goose is Back! / Star Wars BF2


November 12th, 2017    

Episode 103: Black Friday Deals / A Perfect Circle / More Star Wars


November 5th, 2017    

Episode 102: Thor Ragnarok / Stranger Things 2 / Mindhunter


October 31st, 2017    

Episode 101: Stranger Things 2 / Fall TV


October 22nd, 2017    

Episode 100: Top 100 Horror Movies / 1922 / EA Star Wars Game / Rick & Morty


October 15th, 2017    

Episode 99: Fall Games Preview / Dan’s Team Sucks / Tom Watches Rick & Morty


October 1st, 2017    

Episode 96: IT (Re-upload)

If you care to know why I am re-uploading this, here is my confusing explanation:

It took me a bit to figure out what happened, but here goes: Robyn, after 98-ish episodes, wanted to actually listen to the show. So, on our ride back from Portland, I downloaded what I thought was episode 96, but what I got was episode 97, the Get Out episode. So I went back and checked on PodBean, and sure enough, both 96 and 97 were the same episode. This made no sense to me as episode 97 comes AFTER 96. So it appeared that I had uploaded episode 97 a full week before we even recorded it. Not to mention before I even watched Get Out. Freaky. 

I then discoved that I incorrectly labeled the episode 97 file as ep96, so I think what happened was that file then replaced the REAL ep96, thus giving us 2 copies of the same episode and deleting the IT episode. 

So, long story short, if you didn't listen to the It episode the week it posted, you missed it, so here it is again! Enjoy!


September 27th, 2017    

Episode 98: More Stephen King / Fall Movies / Black Mirror / Tattoos


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